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Forget About Prescription Sunglasses, Try Sunglasses Over Glasses!


A sunny, cloud free day is something that we all love, but if you have to drive in the bright sunshine and you wear prescription eyeglasses, that sun can be the bane of your existence. For many people, contacts are your solution, but they can be uncomfortable, and if you are a tried and true glasses wearer, they just aren't for you. The more popular solution tends to be prescription sunglasses, but they are so expensive! At E Polarized Sunglasses we can offer you a better, more affordable solution. Our sunglasses over glasses are not only affordable, they are so stylish!

The average pair of prescription sunglasses costs around $200. Of course you can get cheaper, poorer quality glasses for less, or you could up the ante and spend a lot more. Our fitover sunglasses are high quality, incredibly stylish, and the most expensive pair that we have is only $25! The best part is that, when you pick the accurate measurements for your glasses, they are super comfortable. A lot of sunglasses over glasses tend to be pretty ugly, but we have some of the trendiest options out there.

Don't spend too much on prescription sunglasses! Use your money on something fun, and enjoy those beautiful, sunny days once again, by purchasing your very own pair of high quality sunglasses over glasses. We offer everyday low prices and you can save even more because we offer free shipping on every order of $25 or more. Don't wait, shop with us today.